Dedications 2023

To My Grandson Conor, whose reading out loud is music to my ears. ~ S.C.

To Michaela, a blessing to our whole family. ~ Michelle Romanenko

Dedications 2022

To James…who never stops trying!  ~Jill and Jeff Hackett

To Desi Cleary  ~Gary and Shelley Gordon

To Desi  ~Greg and Julie Cleary

To my son Christopher for always inspiring me to have patience and appreciate the small things!  ~Linda Gambino

To my grandchildren…may they enjoy reading on their own as much as I enjoy reading to them!  ~Barbara Whitehill

I have always loved books…I still do…I count reading as a blessing that allows me to lose myself in stories and words. Also my beloved Uncle Tony was an avid reader…I think of him always with great love and I still miss him ~Vincyne LaCapra

To Maria Finaro Cleary  ~Thomas Groome

To Grandchildren Everywhere and especially Mine: Nora, Kerry, Jack, Conor and Harry. Never Stop Reading!!  ~ S.C.