We’ve successfully raised $2000 of our $5000 goal!


Welcome to Readeezy Literacy, here to support the creation of a digital library for struggling/disabled adolescent, teen and young adult readers.

This target group has faced reading difficulties for most of their lives. And because they don’t read, their chances for life success are greatly diminished. 

So we’ve built books to motivate and engage them in reading again. They’ve got pictures, text to speech, fun, gaming questions to remind them about each chapter’s contents. And the stories are just for them – no baby books or tough vocabulary. Just age respectful tales at accessible reading levels. 

Readers don’t need a teacher, parent or anyone else to enjoy the library. Just click and read. Price is reasonable; books are available at no charge for those who need them; everything is hosted on a website so no app is necessary. 

Will you help us serve this much-forgotten audience of young people? If you need more info, please reach out to Maria Cleary at maria@readeezy.com.

Covid hit us all hard, and no one was more affected than our kids. We’ve now seen the shocking decline in reading scores, continuing a downward trend that started pre-pandemic. And for our most vulnerable students, the drops were even more dramatic, signaling even more difficulty for this underserved audience.

Readeezy wants to get our kids back to reading. We’ve begun by publishing six books already, all illustrated, animated and interactive. The stories are designed just for adolescents, teens and young adults and are written at reading levels they can understand and enjoy.

Now, we need your help for two things – to create more books and to get the word out about this amazing resource. You can do that in a few ways:

  • Donate your time and talent. Are you a writer, digital illustrator, sales and marketing person? We can use your help! Each of our books is an original work and we love to feature new authors and artists. Do you know how to sell? Wow, we need that expertise!
  • Spread the word about Readeezy. Do you have a network of people that are interested in literacy, disabilities, education or just helping those in need? Social media makes it much easier than ever to let them know about Readeezy.
  • Make a financial donation. Every penny of your Readeezy donation will go towards the creation or distribution of our books. Our donation form outlines how funds will be used.
  • Each donation can be accompanied by a dedication on our Readeezy Bookplate. Consider honoring a teacher, parent, child, or someone who’s inspired you to read. Create a lasting memory of a person from your past who gave you the gift of love for books. There is a space on our donation form for your dedication.

Your gift can help us double and even triple the number of books we can offer next year. Our goal is ten new books and 2000 students. We can get there with your help!

You can see a sample of our first book, Perfect Pitch, below. Stay tuned for our second book, Different, to be published soon!

Readeezy Literacy is a 501(c) organization and all donations are tax deductible. We have also earned our Silver Seal of Transparency from Guidestar. Learn more through our
#NonprofitProfile on @CandidDotOrg. We are listed on the Amazon Smile site as an approved charity:

Advisory Board

Dr. Maria Finaro Cleary
President and CEO
Readeezy, LLC
Ann Wendlocher
Mary-Kay Harrity
Market Research